Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Banana Taipei [嬌蕉包]

Banana Taipei  [嬌蕉包] is in town now !! (Pre-order)

Its not weird that if you have question marks above your head of thinking what is Banana Taipei [嬌蕉包]. Now let me do some introduction. =)

Banana Taipei is a eco-friendly canvas bag featuring a photo printed of Birkin bag and it's a reusable shopping bag. It also features 3-dimentional non-toxic patented 3D printing.

The concept of Banana Taipei [嬌蕉包] is come from the environmental protection and designed by a group of designer team who love the earth and implant the idea of ECO-friendly.

Banana founded in Taiwan in the early spring of 201, has been increasingly popular amongst Taiwan celebrities.

I think most of you have not heard of this brand before as it's a new brand but it has gained a lot of attention within the Taiwan community. There's alot of celebrities had grab them in hand when they first launch. They are highly demanded in Taiwan & HK now, as soon as Malaysia.

Fish Leong is also carrying Banana Taipei !  

According to their site, they can only make 6 bags in 1 hour, because of their detailed quality control and handmade process.

Hurry pick your favorite color and place the order at

And it is now available here with these colors :

*Sweet Pink
*Midnight Magenta
*Sunset Orange
*Lake Blue
*Tiffany Blue 
*Green Grass 
*Champs Lavender Grey 
*Fpper Champagne Grey
*French Honey Camel 
*Mystique Brown

 RM300 included postage.

*Pls note that we are only one of the reseller. 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A greater offer !!

After a week, we've got a good respond of the contact lens contest from the customer, and so we decided to make a greater offer for the winners and allow more people to have the opportunity to enjoy the offer...

I'll add another 2 prizes form the 1st & 2nd runner up.

Here's the new offer :

First Prize : Free any 1 pair of contact lens & 10% discount for a lifetime

Second Prize : Free any 1 pair of contact lens

Third Prize : Discount RM5 on the next purchase

(We will consider to make an greater offer to benefit my valued customer if more people participate )

So HURRY get yourself participate in the contest and enjoy the great deal !!

I'm right here waiting for you !! :D

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Great deal * 好康

Stand a chance to WIN away a pair of contact lens !! Terms & Conditions apply.

All you have to do is submit your details,
Phone no,
Type of lens that you are wearing, and
Attach a close up pic with wearing one of the contact lens that you bought from us by end of march.

You can send the details to

 How to win?
I will upload all the participant's photo on Facebook Nic & Cole and the participant that get the most 'Like' will be the winner.

ONLY customer that had purchased lens from us will be entitled to participate this competition.

The closing submission date is on 31st of march.

What are you waiting for??? =) before its too late...
Get yourself participate in the competition and stand a chance to get a pair of FREE contact lens.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

*Ang Pao

CNY is around the corner, just right the corner !! 
Like another 2weeks, about 15++ days to go ONLY. @.@
Can't wait for CNY....precisely it's Ang Pao...>.< duhh...!!
I bet Everyone loves Ang Pao.

Here comes the main topic, Ang Pao! 
*grab from google >.<

I'm so proud of my lovely grandma, that she could do such fine handcrafts, and so i decided to blog about this.
Have you ever wonder what can you do with Ang Pao?
This is what Ang Pao turns out when it 'meets' my grandma. :) 

Peacock mama & papa 孔雀开屏
I like this the most among all Ang Pao handcrafts made by my grandma.
Have you ever seen Peacock with ribbon>.<  i know i'm lame. but its so cute when i first saw them. ^^

Baby Peacock, the mini one.

Baby Peacock, the mini one (in different clothing Ang Pao)

Ang Pao Tanglong

Every year got Fish 年年有余

Mini Tanglong

All these are from MY GRANDMA not google.Except for the first one.Cause imma lazy to snap those unfold Ang Pao.  -.- 

 My grandma did really put into effort on it, the reason why i post it here is to share all hard work done by my grandma to produce all these fine handcrafts. *i adore her determination & enthusiasm. :) 
Have you started to deco your house into a CNY atmosphere?  Not Yet?
So, why not start by now by place or hang it over at your house for CNY decoration. 
And we do sell if you wish to buy, pre-order are available.

Its okay if you do not interested, but pls not to forget to click LIKE on Nic & Cole , only if you REALLY like it. 
*Cause i wish to let my grandma to see that there are people who really like her Ang Pao handcrafts.  
you know you will be so happy when you saw so many people like your photo or status right. so yeah. :)

Lastly, wish everyone of You and your Family being Healthy & Wealthy throughout the Rabbit Year :) * i mean every single year >.<

Happy Chinese New Year, in advance.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Nic & Cole says Hi to Everyone !

Welcome to Nic & Cole online store, we are selling cosmetic contact lens here.

Do Stay tune for more.